Meet the Midwife

In the first grade when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was “A baby deliverer.” This desire to be a midwife has been deep in my heart for many years, but it wasn’t until after the birth of my first daughter that I was able to become more involved in birth work.

I grew up in Huntington Beach and was raised with a love for Jesus and have a heart for serving anyone He brings into my path. I am a wife, mother of two girls and have been an RN since 2008. I earned my Bachelor’s in the Science of Nursing in 2008 from Biola University as well as my Public Health Nurse credential.

In 2016 I decided to become a doula and was instantly hooked on birth work. I was able to have a home birth with my second daughter which solidified my desire to become a midwife. In 2019 I became a student of National College of Midwifery and have been blessed to have studied at a busy birth center in the Los Angeles area throughout my time in school. I completed my education in early 2021.

I am now a Licensed Midwife, licensed by the State of California Medical Board and hold the certification of Certified Professional Midwife. My training also includes certification in Neonatal Resuscitation in addition to the experience and certifications my many years in healthcare as an RN have offered. I feel truly blessed by the Lord and am overjoyed to love and serve the women that birth with me.

Je'Nelle Cook, LM CPM

​I am passionate about ensuring informed consent throughout midwifery care. I supports women’s rights to make their own decisions for themselves and their babies.

To the deepest part of my core, I believe that God is the midwife, and I am simply His hands and feet here on earth. I believe that every woman is made in the image of God and should be treated as such, even if her beliefs differ from mine. Every woman should have the right to choose where she wants to give birth and the level of intervention she desires. She should feel safe and at peace throughout her prenatal care, labor and delivery, and through to the end of her postpartum care as well.

Based on researched evidence, I believe that if a woman is healthy and low risk, an out of hospital birth is the safest option for her. Birth is a normal, physiologic process that, when left undisturbed, is typically safe. Interventions are frequently performed unnecessarily and have an increased risk of poor outcomes. I believe that all aspects of care should be fully discussed with the parents and that decisions should be made by them once they have had the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and do their own research. Birth is an intimate and sacred time and should be treated as such. It is one of the most transformative times in a woman’s life, and it is an honor to be a part of this sacred time in her life.